How to T shirt Design – 12 Tips and Tricks for beginner

Do you want to learn how to  T shirt design? You are in the right place. We covered almost complete steps to start your design. When you start your first design in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop you have to face some basic or fundamentals problems. As a result, you must know the following things such as artboard size, color mode, free fonts, free vector graphics, t-shirt design ideas and many more. That’s why I am here to share with you 12 starter tips and tricks on how to start T shirt design.

Here’re the deals:

12 Tips and Tricks How To start T shirt Design

1. Art Board Size

In the beginning, we need to know our art broad size. I always prefer to work with 14/18″ inches width and height according to Teespring. You can also try 12/12″ inches because we have always options to resizing. On the other hand,  Viralstyle artboard size is 12*18″ inches width and height. In my design, I try to work with the Black Art Board. In fact, the black artboard is perfect to suit almost every color except for the white background.

2. Color Mode

The second step is to select the right color mode. If you create your design for the online platforms such as Teespring you can upload your design with RGB mode as well as CMYK color mode for direct print media otherwise you work on Fiverr first know your color mode from the client.


t shirt document setup

3. Resolution

Resolution is one of the most important criteria because the print quality depends on the resolution of your Images or design. The high resolution delivers you better output than lower. So try to keep your design at least 150 PPI or 300 PPI. I recommend you keep it not less than at 300PPI.

4. File Types

Another problem you face what format you choose to save your artwork. Your design needs to be high resolution with a transparent background. In fact, The online platform supports PNG  as well as for your Clint you can deliver your design with AI, PDF or EPS, etc. format. To save your Artwork in Adobe Illustrator Go to>File>Export>Save as type>PNG.

Here,s is the Proof: when I follow the above document setup.


teespring artwork

5. T-shirt Design Ideas

You know the basic file setup and how to save your artwork. Getting the right idea is never easy. It is a crucial thing that you need to know how to get the idea for your design. Indeed ideas are the key to success instead you are an expert designer. The idea generation tells you how to make a different design from the available design also tell you how to improve your work. Here you get T-shirt design Ideas.

6. Fonts

One of the most vital things in Tee design is to select the fonts for your artwork where it has no rules and regulations what is the size of your font. You have to consider the thick Bolded font for your design. Here, you can download free font or premium fonts from the internet.

7. T-shirt design Vector elements

Surely your artwork is not 100% perfect without the help of different graphic elements. This means that you must need to know the name of your vector elements. For this reason, you can download a free vector graphic check my other post. Let’s consider an example: For ” hunting t-shirt ” search Google in the following ways:

hunting t shirt search terms

8. Research Trends

Don’t forget to research the trends of the “t-shirt”. Let give me give an example you want to work with an “ugly Christmas t-shirt” to see the trends with the help of the Google Trends tool. It will show you how many times it searches on the internet.

9. Choose Right Niche for your campaign

Finding the right niche can be broken or build your T-shirt campaign. Besides, you don’t know how to select the right niche it will very difficult to get sales. You have to understand how to target a specific niche from the Broad category. Here is an example: “Occupation” is the board category from all professionals here you can choose “Teaching Occupation” which is the specific niche with the small category among all occupations.

10. Marketplace to upload your design

You learn lots of things about your design. Now assume that your design is ready. You can directly sales or upload your artwork on the different online platforms. There are numerous websites where you can upload your custom artwork, then promote and make sales. In brief, I like to provide you some marketplace where you can upload your artwork in the following:

• Teespring
• Redbubble
• Teemal
• Teepublic
• Merch bu Amazon
• last but least Virulstyle

11. Different types of Tees

There are no specific types of t-shirt design. Conversely, when we want to make a design we would be considered what types of design it will. It can be the following:

Typography designs: This type of design is only based on simple text with slogans, phrases, quotes, messages.

Photography designs: Photography design is referred to as the design from the Images such as an Animal face or your own face.

Typography and Illustration: these types of design including both text-decoration and creativity of illustration.

Branded Designs: Branded design has its own specific Brand slogan, Logo or branded name. That is to say: “Just Do It“.

Abstract designs: Abstract design is defined in mathematical representations on line, shape, pattern, triangle, etc.

12. T-shirt Design Mockup

Last of all, but not list you need to represent your design with the help of Mock-up in order to promote your design via social media, websites or showing your project to your clients.
Moreover, You can learn more from 99Designs.

Resources to learn T shirt design

Finding a great resource is the key to success. You can learn the t-shirt designing free from YouTube as well as Udemy at a low price.

On Youtube, I found a channel called Charley Pangus. He teaches every detail about print-on-demand tutorials. Who interested to learn design in Adobe Illustrator this is the perfect place for Beginner to Advance.

Besides, his courses are also available in Udemy who wants to pay a few dollars.

There is another resource I got on YouTube which name is Greg Gottfried . This guy made this tutorial especially for those who don’t much know about Illustrator. Almost every tutorial is dropped and drag based where no experience needed.

Greg Gittfried is also available in Udeme. I recommend if you want to learn to design a specific way his tutorial is the best solution. Another way, he also teaches you how to get your first sale.

What if you are not a designer?

The answer is nothing can stop you. Because on the internet where you get each and every solution. Either you can hire a t-shirt designer or using a t-shirt design template. Besides, there are lots of t-shirt design apps and websites available to do it and start your online journey.

I’d like to hear from you:

Everything considered we can say that in the above 12 tips and tricks are only the beginning part of the t-shirt design. I think this will help you a lot to learn the fundamentals of your design. Join me, in the Comment section if you know more about it.


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