T-shirt design in adobe illustrator

How to Simple T shirt Design in Illustrator

This beginner tutorial, I will show you how to do T shirt design in Adobe Illustrator. I will cover some basic tools and functions. In fact, this is a perfect Illustrator tutorial for the newbie. If you want to learn more basics about t-shirt design check our step by step tutorial.

Let’s jump right in:

We will be covered:

  • Document: Size for T shirt design
  • Tools: Alignment tool, Shape tool, Line tool & Ruler, selection tool
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Fonts: Beloved teacher, Geometos
  • Save: PNG format

So let’s deep into our  beginner tutorial step by step:

How to t shirt design in Adobe Illustrator

When you start your design in photoshop or Illustrator CC you have to face a few difficulties like the size for T-shirt design, which format you save your artworks etc. This post is exactly the right tutorial for Teespring beginner.


#1. Document setup

The first thing we need to do setup our document. After opening adobe illustrator Go to File>New and do the rest:

Suppose In this tutorial we choose a phrase called I love Paris. That’s why we name our document is I love Paris. After that, I leave the profile>Custom, Number of Artboards: 1, Height & Width: 14/18” Inches. One of the most important things is to set your Color mode: I set it RGB and Resolution 300ppi for the online platform as well as you can set your color mode CMYK and resolutions 300ppi for direct print media.

#2. Use Type tool

In this case, I just type the phrase I love Paris while I divided the text into two different lines where I used the font in the phrase  “I love “ is called Beloved teacher. On the other hand, I used the font name called Geometos in Paris. I only used fill color Black whereas stroke color is none. You can resize the text with the help of the Selection tool while the selection of both text Go to Type> create outlines.

#3. Use the line tool to create  two straight line

Thirdly, we need to use our line tool. Here we create two lines in the middle of Paris.
Before creating the line just check on Smart guides to do that go to View>Smart Guides. To see the perfect alignment when we create the line.



So select your line tool and create two lines with the only stroke 10pt black color. Select both line with the Selection Tool then go to Object>Path>Outline Stroke.

#4. Use the Shape Tool

With the shape tool where we need to draw a star and then holding shift and alt key to draw another two stars. To align the three start use the Alignment tool. These look like the following:


#5. Use the Alignment tool

One of the most important tools in t-shirt design is the align tool. To use the alignment tool go to Window>Align. Now Just select the line those we draw previous with the Selection tool and hold shift to select Paris text then select> align to selection. Whereas on the top of the align tool select>align objects >Horizontal Center>Vertical Center then go to Object >Group the line and text.


Similarly you can align and group the three stars above the process.

Now it’s time to align the whole that adjusts with the Artboard. To do this, select all using the selection tool group them.

Before the group I always use a trick to get equal space between all elements just uses the rectangle tool to get the same spaces.

Then back to align tool this time we select align to artboard from the align tool then click align to objects>Horizontal Center>Vertical Center. As a result, our design is perfectly fit for our artboard.

Its look like the following:


#6. Save your artwork

Finally our artwork is ready to save for the Teespring platform. In order that Go to File> Export>Save as Type>PNG.


Here is the artwork that I upload in the Teepspring that shows below which print quality is Great.



Eventually, we finished our artwork. I would like to hear from you. Join me in the comment section if you need any help during your T-shirt design in illustrator. Furthermore, if you want to know everything about your journey to tee design check my details post.

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