About Us


Welcome to Teedesert which is offer  unbiased T-shirt review as well as  how to guidelines.Not only that ,this site  also helps the tee lover how to find the right one from the variety of designs.


The idea of TEEDESERT came to my mind while I started T-shirts design in Adobe Illustrator .In this field  I realized that  finding the right design  from the tons or even millions of design is time consuming. I know that all people are created equal but they have different persona.

Let give me an example: someone like : CAT or someone like DOG  T-shirt. So therefore , if they find the all best design in one place it would be very much  easy for the tee seeker to get their favorite one. It would be simple  to choose and reduce their time.

That,s why I am  here to solve the problem because I recommend those products which I spend time to  research and  figured the finest one in my product lists.

Contact Info: You can reach us using the CONTACT FORM